What Are Reversing Cameras And Why Your Vehicle Needs It?

Reversing cameras are a special camera that's usually mounted to rear of your vehicle ( You can also have side mounted reverse cameras), typically above the license plate to improve rear visibility.
  • On-Road Safety
  • Assists in Parking
  • Children Safety
  • Assist in Insurance Claims
  • Improves on-road awarness
reversing cameras benefits

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    Reversing Cameras Best Options

    Not sure what type of Reverse Cameras are on the market and what's best suited to your vehicle? Take a look at our comparison table below to get a better understanding.

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    Our Top Reversing Camera Pick

    Do you have an older vehicle or perhaps a new vehicle without a reverse camera? Then choosing a wired reverse camera set-up can solve your problem at a affordable cost. Have the best of both worlds.

    The DVR1909K is a full featured 9.3” Touchscreen Rearview Mirror Kit with Front & Rear DVR Recording. This impressive system also offers Parking Monitoring for increased peace of mind when away from the vehicle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is Reversing Camera?

    Instead of relying on your mirrors, or even worse turning your head to look out of the rear window as you back up, a reversing camera captures video footage of the space behind your vehicle, before transmitting a live video feed.

    How does Reversing Cameras work?

    Reversing cameras are powered by a connection straight into your car’s fuse box, with wires hidden inside your car’s bodywork and panels. The display inside the vehicle is triggered when the car is put into reverse and remains switched off when travelling forwards.

    Which reversing camera is best?

    deciding on what reversing camera is best will be determined by your overall needs and budget. If you need more information on the types of reverse cameras please contact us today.

    Where to place a camera for reversing?

    The ideal place for a reversing camera is up high angle angled down. This gives a birds-eye view and takes any guesswork out of reversing.

    Can I install Reverse Camera On My Own?

    Yes. If you are DIY and have auto electrical and some panel beating know-how, you can most certainly install a reversing camera by yourself.

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